Stepping out of your comfort zone

This weekend has definitely been different than any other weekend I could have ever experienced. The only way I could sum up tit up is that I stepped way out of my comfort zone–I mean like I jumped a kilometer out of my comfort zone.  Today I am going to tell you 3 stories or times when I stepped out of my comfort zone and how they changed me, so here they are.

About a month ago this stepping out of my comfort zone began when I went to a zip line obstacle course. One thing you need to know about me is that I am not an outdoorsy gal, and climbing trees is not my strong suit. But here I was with my friends, about 2 hours away from home, in a tree (don’t worry its very safe and you’re attached properly to a harness) and I was shitting myself, for a lack of better words. I had to do the obstacle course, and really there was a point I was going to give up. But my friends encouraged me and kept me going. I finished the obstacle course and felt relieved. It was only on the drive back that I realized just how out of my comfort zone I was. But thanks to my friends and myself, I kept pushing through the anxiety and the stress and just kept going. I would have regretted if I had stopped, and one of my friends at the end even said she was glad I didn’t stop because I wouldn’t have had as much fun and she knew I could do it. A part of me knew I could do it too, but this was very out of my comfort zone. But I did it, I stepped out of my comfort zone and was rewarded with the feeling that I accomplished something I would not normally do and that is a big deal for me.

The second time I stepped out of my comfort zone was this past Friday. My member of parliament for my district (the person who represents us in the Canadian parliament) was hosting a 5 a 7 to get to know the younger crowds in her constituency and to talk about the youth council she wanted to form. Now how is this stepping out of my comfort zone? Well, I went alone to an event where I knew absolutely no one. I literally knew not a single person and had no idea what to expect. Even more shockingly, before and during the event I did not feel anxious at all. This is very new feeling for me because even in basic social situations I tend to get anxious, but with this event, I didn’t. I got there and talked to a few people and was being my true and genuine self. I felt light and alive and just me. It truly felt amazing. I stepped out of my comfort zone and realized that stepping out of my comfort zone doesn’t mean I am abandoning who I am by any means. It just means I am taking myself, the person I am most comfortable with, and dropping in on a situation I’m not used to.

When you are truly comfortable with who you are and just yourself in general, being put into situations you are not used to, becomes a whole lot easier because you have yourself to rely on. I wasn’t anxious because I trusted who I was, and I let myself be me. When we try to construct who we are, we start to care about what other people think and how we will be, how we should act or what we should say, and that’s what causes us to be anxious. Obviously, there are many other reasons, but for me, that’s what starts my anxiety.

Lastly, yesterday I went to a girl’s empowerment summit (I wrote a mini blog post about it yesterday) and I went alone. I mean I was planning to spend 10am-4pm all alone. I truly don’t mind being alone, I like spending time with myself. But what worried me was how were people going to see me? Was anyone going to think I was a loner? But that was not the case at all.

I met so many amazing girls who were so genuine and had beautiful souls. I again was just being me the entire time and everything fell into place. I was not planning to go, but there was a small part of me that was like you need to go!  I acted on that part the night before and next thing you know they were scanning my ticket at the entrance and handing me a goody bag. I stepped out of my comfort zone and ended up being motivated, inspired and in awe of all the absolutely incredible women that spoke at the summit and the girls I met in the audience.

You see stepping out of your comfort zone is not so bad when you trust yourself. When you start to understand that who you are is beautiful, brave, courageous, amazing, inspiring and so many other amazing qualities.Then you too, will be able to leap out of your comfort zone. You need to have your back and have faith in yourself in order to step of out your comfort zone.

This did not happen overnight, and quite frankly I have something today that requires me to step out of my comfort zone and I am not entirely okay with it. But I trust myself and will genuinely be myself and that is what counts.

Be yourself and accept yourself. You will be amazed at just how capable you are of doing things you would not normally do.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Sunday!

Screw It!

Today I went to a girl’s empowerment summit, the first of its kind in my city. I genuinely had no idea what to expect, and only bought the ticket last night at 9pm.

I had known about the event for a month, but I couldn’t actually bring myself to buy the ticket and go to the event. I asked a few people if they wanted to come with me, but none of them could, so I had to do something I would never have dreamed of doing—I had to go to the event alone!

When I got there I was a little anxious, but I honestly thought I would be more anxious than I was. I made eye contact with a girl who was sitting alone, and I was about to sit at another table alone, but something in my brain was like “screw it, go sit with the girl!”

I did just that and did the same thing at lunch. I got to meet so many amazing girls, and have genuine, intellectual and interesting conversations.

All this to say that when that little voice in the back of your head says screw it, then you screw it and just go for it. You won’t realize just how powerful overcoming the anxious or negative thoughts in your head can be, but trust me, pushing through your anxiety so worth it. I’m not saying it can be done overnight, this has been years in the making, and I am not 100% anxiety free by any means. But this is progress… baby steps!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

My Love of Bookstores

A bookstore is constantly alive and awake, even when there is no one in it. There is always something that catches your eye or a quote that resonates with you in a way only words can. I walked into the bookstore today with the intention of doing some retail therapy, rather than hit the mall, I hit the bookstore.

The minute you open that door you are hit with that incredible smell, which some have tried to replicate but it can’t be done unless you stick an actual book to your nose. Then everywhere you look there are all these books! And you can’t help but marvel at just how many people have written books, how many stories are in those books and possibly how many you can buy without breaking your bank account.

But then comes the part I love the most: browsing through the books. I walk up and down the aisles and whichever ones jump out at me are the ones I look at. I get this feeling inside me when I’m in a bookstore. I automatically feel calmer, and at ease with everything. For the time I am in the bookstore the outside world doesn’t exist, and everything happening in my world is put on hold.

Every time I walk into a bookstore its mostly because I need answers. The funny thing is, the answers never come to me in the bookstore itself, and sometimes not even in the books I buy. Rather I come to understand bookstores as a place to let your mind relax, wander, dream and process your life. Our minds in bookstores are simply reflecting the minds of thousands of authors and the characters they have created. The characters all have a challenge to overcome, as do we. The bookstore becomes a tool I use to understand those challenges and figure out how to overcome them or gain the motivation to do so.

Simply to say, if there were no bookstores in the world I seriously do not know how I would be able to face anything in life.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment down below if you love bookstores just as much as I do, or if you don’t like them!


Sunday Morning Thoughts

You don’t always have to do what you think is expected of you. You think that this thing is expected of you, you assume that everyone else expects that from you. But in reality, people don’t actually expect that much from you. Don’t take this in the wrong way, but people are busy thinking about many other things, their energy is not concentrated on what you do or don’t do. We put these expectations on ourselves, but we really don’t need to. Usually, the root cause of putting these expectations on yourself is believing that you are confined to something society has made you feel you have to do or have to be. If you feel that way, then you need to understand that society can’t infiltrate your mind and permanently force you to think that society expects certain things from you. You will always have the option to go against the little voice in your head that confines you to something you don’t want to be. You don’t always have to do what you think is expected of you.

This is just a little idea I came up with this morning, and definitely something I want to continue. Its basically just little thoughts that cross my mind on a Sunday morning in bed, drinking my coffee.
Hope you all enjoyed and thanks for reading!

What is a Girl Boss?

Let’s start with some basics shall we, what is a girl boss? It was coined by Sophia Amoruso founder of Nasty Gal and now runs (seriously check it out, this isn’t paid or sponsored I just absolutely love the website) among many other things. To her, a girl boss is someone who takes charge of their own life. The beauty of a girl boss is that is flexible to what you want it to mean. Personally, I see a girl boss who gives it their all in all aspects of life. From relationships to family, to their career, passions, hobbies, etc.

I learned about this whole girl boss concept about a year and a half ago but really got into it after I saw the Girl Boss series on Netflix (it breaks my heart that it got canceled). I admired just have relentless and determined Sophia was in the show, and she obviously is in real life. That’s when I began reading more and more about being a girl boss and I was immediately hooked. I realized that this was me, I was a girl boss, and that everyone else around me was one also. Through this year and a half journey, I have learned a few tips on how to live your best life and being a girl boss, so I thought today I would share a few with you! Here we go! 

Have a morning routine
When you wake up early, which does not mean at 4 am unless that’s how you want to float your boat, but anywhere between 6-8am, your entire life will change for the better. By waking up this early you can get so much done before lunchtime! I have slowly turned into a morning person because I realized that my most productive work hours were between 9-12. I got more accomplished during those hours than from 1-6 in the afternoon. This also allowed me to create a morning routine in which I did all the basics brew coffee, eat breakfast, get ready, etc. But it also gave me time to add in elements that set me off on the right foot in the morning. Even as simple as sitting in my bed while drinking my coffee while reading a book or just sitting there in the silence before the chaos ensues.

Stop negative self-talk
We all do this, there are just days where we are very harsh on ourselves. The key to ending this or at least doing this less is to catch yourself. One time when I did make a negative comment about myself, the thought that came right after was ‘hey why are you so harsh on yourself? you did this and this, you did the best you could’. It takes that one time or countering your negative self-talk with something positive to continue this pattern in your head.

Own your circumstances
We all live very different lives, with extremely different circumstances, but no one’s life is perfect. The key to being a girl boss is realizing that you might have it harder than some other people but that doesn’t mean you can’t do amazing things. You are not a victim of your circumstances, as I am sure you have heard plenty of times. But really you aren’t because everyone out there who is successful had things to deal with and crappy circumstances as well but look at where they are now. They pushed past these circumstances and made whatever they wanted to happen, happen. I understand it is easier said than done but remember you have everything you need within you to go after what you want. Your circumstances now should not be the sole determining factor of your future.

Be truly you
The only way you will be successful, in whatever way you define that word is if you are truly you. In every room or situation, you walk into, be yourself. In everything you create or produce, be 100% genuinely yourself. Things will flourish from there.

Obviously, there is so much more advice and such will come your way throughout the month, but this is just some quick inspiration to get you in the girl boss mood. Remember, you are all girl bosses!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

The Spirit of Christmas

Ever since I was young, Christmas has always had religious aspects, and growing up with those ideas reminds me why we celebrate Christmas every year. But today I wanted to talk about the side of Christmas that is a consequence of gathering for this religious holiday. This is an excuse to set aside time and be with the ones you love. Stores close, and society, in general, slows down, because we all know that this one day of the year is meant to be with family and friends.

Yes, there are toys and presents, and consumerism tied to Christmas, but I find that to be a harsh and skeptical view. When I buy gifts for someone, there has been a lot of effort and thought that goes into it. It does at the end of the day show you care, and how you perceive this person and what they mean to you. This doesn’t mean that the gift must be multiple things, or expensive, but really it is all about the thought.

Or when we cook Christmas dinner, and we make sure to have certain dishes on the table because they are a tradition. The dishes on the table represent the traditions we have had for years, the food we eat and the way its prepared represents our culture, the thoughts behind the gifts show that we care. Being together shows us that family is the most important thing at the end of the day, either the blood family or the ones you choose to have in your life.

Christmas is also a time for giving, and showing people that they are not alone, and that people will help them. It’s about realizing that you have a lot more than other people and that you are lucky and privileged to have what you have. And those who do not have as much, deserve to have exactly what you have. So, we give and lift their spirits.

But most importantly Christmas is a time of hope. A time where society comes together and realizes that they can do better, that helping is needed and is a good thing. The Spirit of Christmas is different for everyone, to me, it means traditions, family, culture, fun, thoughtfulness, giving and hope.

What does the Christmas spirit mean to you?


Favorite Christmas Movies

To start off 12 days of blogging, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite movies. I am sure you have seen many of these, but if you haven’t, I suggest you grab yourself some friends and family, with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and watch a few Christmas movies throughout the month!

Without further ado, here is my favorite Christmas movie!

  • Elf
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • Eloise at the Plaza at Christmas Time
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • National Lampoons Christmas vacation
  • Love Actually
  • The Holiday
  • Santa Claus (1,2,3)
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas

Leave a comment down below if you have seen any of this, and a few of your Christmas movies as well!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!