My Updated Notebook+Stationery Collection

My Updated Notebook and Stationery Collection

I have a sort of unhealthy obsession with all things notebook and stationery. Put me in a bookstore or a stationery store and you could leave me there all day (give me some coffee and food and I am never leaving)! Today I decided to share with you all some beautiful and amazing notebooks, pens and post its.

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(Just to let you know that everything is from (not an affiliate link) except for the post-its… I just have an actual obsession with the store).

Motivating Pens


Sometimes we need those little bursts or little quotes to keep us going. I know that when I’m going to be knee deep in a 15-page essay, a little motivation will go a long way. We tend to buy the standard blue and black pen, but spicing things up or making things cuter adds to a certain aesthetic but personally, it makes me more motivated to write. I love how these pens are adorable and have the most inspiring little quotes on them, which motivates me to conquer the world.

Goal Getter


We all have goals but keeping them in one place where we can constantly go back to is the key to making these goals a reality. I use this notebook to write down and structure my short-term goals that are contributing to a long-term goal. The notebook breaks down your goal, gives you a slot for a deadline, makes you set your Why for the goal, predict the outcomes you will face and the necessary steps to take, as well as what you will reward yourself with once your goal is reached. This notebook keeps me organized and accountable.

Effortlessly Herself


When I read the quote, it stuck with me and I knew I had to have it. The quote reads “She was one of the rare ones so effortlessly herself, and the world loved her for it”. Every time I need a reminder of who I am and where I’m going I go back to this quote and let it guide me in my way.

There Is Beauty in Simplicity


As aesthetically pleasing as this notebook is, I use it more for the practicality it offers. I have multiple notebooks like this one but with different covers because they make the perfect notebooks. I use them in class to take notes, for miscellaneous things and this one is being used for anything to do with habits and my blog.

Quote Away


This is my dream/vision notebook. Anything I want to do, any dream of the future that I have is marked down in this journal. This is where I dream big and not let anything hold me back. When I first saw the cover, I knew that this journal would hold all the dreams that had to come out of my head.

Meet Me in Paris

This is the cutest set of post its I have ever seen; however, this is not from indigo, unfortunately. I bought them with the intention to use them when I plan my study abroad semester in Paris in a few months.

I love writing, dreaming and thinking. Notebooks, pens, stationery in general, are the tools I use to express who I am and what I want from life, and how I am going to get there. Before anything on this blog is published, it all starts off in these notebooks. Writing for me is like keeping a record of my life, and thoughts and I write so much because there are so many ideas and dreams that I want to reach and accomplish.

I hope this gave you some motivation to pick up a cute notebook and pen and write whatever you feel the need to write. Comment down below which one is your favorite notebook.

My Favourite Notebooks

Before getting into the actual notebooks, let’s discuss the qualifications the notebook needs in order for me to buy it:

  1. The notebook must have soft, gliding pages
  2. It has to be super cute
  3. When I open it, it has to be easy to write on both sides of the page
  4. It has to be reasonably priced (on sale is amazing also)

I love love love notebooks, people are obsessed with and splurge on shoes, purses, cars and a bunch of other things, I, however, lose all self-control around notebooks. No matter where I am, I tend to scout out cute notebooks. I have to admit that depending on what I use them for, it takes a while to fill them up. Regardless, let’s jump into all the cutest notebooks I have at the moment. These are all from, I don’t think they are still available but they have other cute ones also, so do not worry. (*disclaimer: this is in no way sponsored by Indigo or anything, this is entirely my opinion*).

Regardless, let’s jump into all the cutest notebooks I have at the moment. These are all from, I don’t think they are still available but they have other cute ones also, so do not worry. (*disclaimer: this is in no way sponsored by Indigo or anything, this is entirely my opinion*).

*the names above them are what I call them, those are not the actual names of the notebooks*

Let’s look at some cute notebooks, shall we!

Like A Boss


This notebook is a recent purchase of mine, and I have to admit it was bought on a whim. I was in an awful mood, and that day was weird in general, and I saw this notebook and I just bought it. The pages are so smooth and amazing, and glossy. I use this notebook as my to-do list notebook, and really any form of a list I need goes in here.

Starry Dreams










This notebook is one of Indigo’s classic format I guess you could say, they make these soft journal covers, which are very cushiony, and with each series, they change the look of it. I have many of these, but I decided to show this one since it was the one I am currently using the most. The pages are soft, and despite it not being a spiral notebook, it is very easy to use both sides of the page. I use this notebook as a journal and absolutely love it.

Leather Heaven


I got this notebook as a gift a few years ago for Christmas, and I am in love… is it possible to be in love with a notebook? It is probably one I will keep around forever since you can easily remove the bulk of pages once they are used up, and replace it with new pages. It smells like real leather (weird I know, but bear with me), and the entire notebook has this welcoming vibe to it, and I can often picture myself in an old library writing in it. For this notebook I often write down any story or plot ideas that spur to mind, and sometimes pan them out, or write them in this notebook; The notebook itself inspires me to write.

Simplicity is Key


This notebook is a rather recent addition, which I got for Christmas from my parents. When I got this notebook, I was feeling very confused and sort of all over the place about my life, so I decided that this would be my rant notebook. What I mean by this, is that any time I just need to let something out whether it be happy, or sad, angry really any emotion, I just write it. And the goal is to fill it up by the end of 2017. In a way, it’s for me to remember all that I felt in the year, and how much of a rollercoaster there was. I also like writing about new hopes, dreams or goals that I have in mind. Once again the pages are amazing, and when you do open it up it is a spiral notebook.

As you can tell, I am quite passionate about my notebooks! Once again these are from indigo (i am not sure if they still have them), but they are not sponsoring this blog post or anything. I hope this inspires you to go out and buy some cute notebooks, to inspire some writing!