When its Time to Change the Way You Think

When an opportunity presents itself, do you just go for it? Are you the type of person who will jump on it the first chance they get? Or let it brew in your head for a bit? Or wait too long and the next thing you know the opportunity is gone?

I tend to be a mixture of these reactions, mostly because my mind decides that playing devils advocate with every situation is perfectly fine. So when I can be really excited about a new opportunity, my mind will still jump to the other side. What if I don’t get? What would all this work be for? Isn’t it pointless at the end of the day? Even though there is a part of my head saying, “TAKE IT”.

Every day we make decisions, and our brain goes through the same pros and cons motions. For a long time, I let the cons side win, and thought it was normal not to take opportunities that were literally being presented to me. Because my brain believed it was safe, it was familiar, and it meant that nothing would change. And obviously, that seemed like the better option. Rather than the pros side being seen as something positive, I saw it as negative. What I’ve been learning is that this type of thinking isn’t just for opportunities, its reflected in every tiny decision we make—subconsciously and consciously.

But when does it all get too much? You see my brain was in this permanent thought process of negativity and assuming that all things were going to fail. The only way I started getting out of this thought process was when I had just had enough. I had reached a point where I was at my limit, and my own negativity was starting to get to me.

I had to learn how to reverse this damaging thought process I had cemented in my brain and learn how to side more with an optimistic and positive view of my decisions. As I say all the time when I tell you guys how I am in the process of changing things in my life, this did not happen overnight. It is still a constant ongoing project that never stops.

Every time an important decision or an opportunity that can change everything comes my way, I have to constantly battle with myself. I need to choose been taking a risk and comfort. I am in no way a risk taker; I don’t live life off the edge.

But on those times when the universe presents you with something that fills you to the brim with passion, joy, and ambition, I hope you realize that you need to take that risk. And if it fails, then it fails! I know that’s rather simplistic thinking, but sometimes we can afford to think like that. If you fail, then you embrace your failure and learn from it. Then get right back up and see what other opportunities there for you are.

But having that mentality or getting to that mentality means you have to change the way you think. You have to consciously make an effort In every decision to make the pros voice in your head, louder and have a better reasoning. You are the only person who can do that. And I encourage you all to try it if you feel like you have reached a point where you have just had enough with yourself and the negative thought process you’ve relied on for far too long.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


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