My Love of Bookstores

A bookstore is constantly alive and awake, even when there is no one in it. There is always something that catches your eye or a quote that resonates with you in a way only words can. I walked into the bookstore today with the intention of doing some retail therapy, rather than hit the mall, I hit the bookstore.

The minute you open that door you are hit with that incredible smell, which some have tried to replicate but it can’t be done unless you stick an actual book to your nose. Then everywhere you look there are all these books! And you can’t help but marvel at just how many people have written books, how many stories are in those books and possibly how many you can buy without breaking your bank account.

But then comes the part I love the most: browsing through the books. I walk up and down the aisles and whichever ones jump out at me are the ones I look at. I get this feeling inside me when I’m in a bookstore. I automatically feel calmer, and at ease with everything. For the time I am in the bookstore the outside world doesn’t exist, and everything happening in my world is put on hold.

Every time I walk into a bookstore its mostly because I need answers. The funny thing is, the answers never come to me in the bookstore itself, and sometimes not even in the books I buy. Rather I come to understand bookstores as a place to let your mind relax, wander, dream and process your life. Our minds in bookstores are simply reflecting the minds of thousands of authors and the characters they have created. The characters all have a challenge to overcome, as do we. The bookstore becomes a tool I use to understand those challenges and figure out how to overcome them or gain the motivation to do so.

Simply to say, if there were no bookstores in the world I seriously do not know how I would be able to face anything in life.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment down below if you love bookstores just as much as I do, or if you don’t like them!


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