Sunday Morning Thoughts — 4

Welcome to another Sunday morning thoughts!

Now I am cheating a bit because these thoughts did not come to me on this gloomy Sunday morning… wait the sun seems to be peaking out!

Rather it was last night right before I fell asleep and was reflecting on the royal wedding that this thought about the fairy-tale life came to mind, and I just wanted to share it with you all.

When we were little girls, we often saw a fairy-tale ending as being a princess with a castle, and a pumpkin turning into a carriage. But as we grew up, and discovered more about the world and ourselves, that idea of a fairy-tale life started to change. The interesting part is that it became so different for everyone.

For some, a fairy-tale life may be living in Bali or owning a penthouse overlooking central park. Or perhaps it’s traveling the world with a loved one; having a house with a white picket fence; owning your own business, or staying home and raising your children.

All this to say that every woman has a different idea of a fairy-tale life, and is no longer confined to the stereotypical idea of princess=fairy-tale happy endings. But then again if that’s your dream or ideal life, then go ahead!

We should not judge or criticize a woman for what type of life she deems to be fairy tale worthy! Every woman deserves the right to freely follow their heart and live the life they want. And no one should be allowed to say anything about it!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful Sunday!


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