Resetting After a Long Semester

Hopefully, you are done with school, or at least very close to the end of it. A special sorry for all of you brave souls who are taking summer classes, you deserve a medal!

This past school year has been beyond brutal as I am sure many of you in school can understand. And the weirdest feeling is that we hope the end is so close, but once we get to the end it feels weird to not have to be studying, stressing or panicking. In a matter of just hours, you can go from intense cramming to having absolutely nothing left to do. While this is a relief, it can also come as a shock, as it does for me every single time the school year comes to an end.

The end of the semester is a rather draining and hectic time of year, and usually pushes students over the edge and into this mental state that is nowhere near healthy. When its over, the only question that remains is how do I go back to normal? How do I get you of this mental state? Which is why today I wanted to share 3 tips or tricks on how to reset or recharge after a long semester.

1) Accept the grades
This one is definitely a hard pill to swallow. We all anxiously wait by our computers and refresh the page a hundred times a day just to see if a new mark was posted by our professors. Once the mark is posted we usually chicken out and avoid looking at it, but eventually, curiosity gets the best of us and we look at the grade.

Once you do check the mark, accepting it is the hardest part. When we get a mark lower than what we expected we feel this disappointment. When we get a good mark, we wonder what we could have done to get an even higher mark. Hopefully, you are noticing a pattern… we never accept that we did the best we could at that moment and in those circumstances. You worked your butt off, put all your energy into your school work, but at the end of the day, there is nothing more you could have done. The mark is in the system and that’s the mark you got. (Obviously, if you believe its unfair for whatever reason, then contest it and fight for the mark you think you deserve.)

Look at your mark and understand that you did what you did and that what you got is what you got. If you want to move on from this school year, you need to accept the mark you got.

2) Reward yourself
Its been a long semester, and you have probably pushed off your needs or wants and overall self-care because it wasn’t on your to-do list. When you reach the end of the semester, there is no problem with treating yourself or rewarding yourself. Plan a mini vacation, treat yourself to a spa day with the girls, go to a museum.

Heck, sleep for 12 hours straight! This is the summer you have nothing else to do! Okay maybe you have other things to do but catching up on your sleep is extremely important.

3) Go with the flow
I also talked about this in my last blog post, but really, I think this will be my motto for the summer. During the semester I plan and schedule everything imaginable, and you need to if you want to stay on top of everything. But during the summer, you might have some commitments to follow, but other than that you probably don’t. Take the summer to just go with things and take whatever comes your way. Someone suggests to go for ice cream, go for ice cream. Spontaneous day trip? Why not! Enjoy the openness of summer and how freeing it can truly be.

Thanks for reading, and to all you students out there you really do deserve this break!!

Have a wonderful day!


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