Sunday Morning Thoughts — 3

“The challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible”

Last night I finished reading Hillary Clinton’s book “What Happened”. I did not realize until the very end of that book and this quote that I found in the last few pages, how much I needed this book.

Maybe surprisingly to some of you, I want to pursue a career in politics. People assume that politics automatically mean politician, but people so often forget the amount of a team puts in and behind the scenes of politicians and politics. This book was the tiny lighter I needed to re-ignite that spark that had dimmed a long time ago.

I love politics, I love challenges, making others think, trying to do what is best for people and making the impossible seem possible. It brings this thrill and I feel oddly at peace when I am working on anything that touches politics. I’m not looking for people to challenge me on Hillary Clinton, I would defend her until the end (and I am not even American), but I want to just convey that this book helped me. It made me realize that I could have a career in what I am studying and that one day I can live a life where I get to live out my passion every day.

I hope you find those books, movies, songs etc. that ignite that spark that dimmed in your soul. You need that, more than you think.

Thanks for joining me on another Sunday Morning Thoughts! Have a wonderful Sunday and get excited because you are going to have a fantastic week!


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