This month’s theme is going to be centered around the word: Recharge.
We are finally climbing out of the dreadfully long winter and with that comes spring! A time to recharge, and open our arms up to all things fresh, new and joyous.

Today I want to just briefly talk about the importance of recharging both mentally and emotionally. Last year around this time, I did a Spring Your Life series and you can always refer to those for some additional inspirations.

Recharging means taking time for yourself to re-evaluate your current situation and where you would like to be going, in hopes of restarting or continuing with a fresh and new mindset. When I think of recharging I know I need to be alone for a few hours or however long it is necessary and just go through what has been happening in the past few months, what’s going on now and how I would like the future to be.

Mentally and emotionally recharging is one of the harder things we need to do, but it is also one of the most needed things we need. Meditation is a great place to start, there are an endless number of apps or YouTube videos that have guided meditation for beginners if you’re anything like me and the world of meditation is a bit of a challenge. But if not I usually just journal, in a non-traditional way, the best way I can explain it is free writing.

Grab a pen, some paper and write everything and anything that comes to mind. Write what’s happened to you, things that made you happy or sad; moments of achievement and or of failure, your favorite memories etc. When you get really into this exercise you won’t even notice the time go by, but by the end of it you might feel a tad lighter, well I know I do. It’s like taking everything that has been swirling in your mind for the past few months and word vomiting it on to paper.

When that’s done I go back and try to reread what I wrote, which is usually in gibberish and horrible handwriting, but nonetheless, the point is for you to see your train of thought and all that has happened. The trickier part now is accepting the things that have happened, owning the situation you are in now, and hoping that all will be okay in the future. The recharging part is what allows us to hope, it’s what gives us the energy to dream, create, set goals.

By reflecting on ourselves, our actions and thoughts we are giving ourselves a chance to stop, feel the fatigue and the drain we have been feeling for a long time. Knowing that means we can find the way to wash that all away, either by journaling, working out, a retreat, a vacation etc.
We need to recharge because it resets our outlook on life and gives us a clear and refreshed view of life and what’s to come. Looking at the world through a gray, sad, looming dark sky doesn’t make anything better in our lives. But looking out with a bit of optimism, the possibility that we can literally do anything brings this certain type of light that everyone needs to keep living.

Take a few moments out of your life to recharge because, in the end, it will help you emotionally and mentally. Leave a comment down below on how you like to recharge or prepare for spring!
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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