I have been extremely anxious and stressed recently. To the point where I started crying in public transportation…

Don’t get to that point.

Then one of my friends just looked at me and said, “You need to breathe”.

For 2 weeks, I hadn’t stopped and remembered to breathe.

So this is me comforting you when you were just crying in the one place you would never be, and the only thing I can tell you is to breathe.

Take a breather and remember that everything will work out in the end. Have faith in the universe and have faith in yourself.


Sunday Morning Thoughts — 3

“The challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible”

Last night I finished reading Hillary Clinton’s book “What Happened”. I did not realize until the very end of that book and this quote that I found in the last few pages, how much I needed this book.

Maybe surprisingly to some of you, I want to pursue a career in politics. People assume that politics automatically mean politician, but people so often forget the amount of a team puts in and behind the scenes of politicians and politics. This book was the tiny lighter I needed to re-ignite that spark that had dimmed a long time ago.

I love politics, I love challenges, making others think, trying to do what is best for people and making the impossible seem possible. It brings this thrill and I feel oddly at peace when I am working on anything that touches politics. I’m not looking for people to challenge me on Hillary Clinton, I would defend her until the end (and I am not even American), but I want to just convey that this book helped me. It made me realize that I could have a career in what I am studying and that one day I can live a life where I get to live out my passion every day.

I hope you find those books, movies, songs etc. that ignite that spark that dimmed in your soul. You need that, more than you think.

Thanks for joining me on another Sunday Morning Thoughts! Have a wonderful Sunday and get excited because you are going to have a fantastic week!


5 Ways to Recharge on Busy Days

We all have those days where we wake up and just know it’s going to be a long day that is going to require a lot of energy. But as we all know the energy we have the beginning of the day tends to wear out as the day goes on. So today I wanted to give you all 5 tips on how to recharge throughout those long, draining and hectic days we tend to have often. Hope they can be of use!

  1. When you get ready in the morning to take 5 minutes just to sit in silence. If I do this in the morning it brings this sense of peace and serenity to start the day off right and help me feel refreshed and ready to go.
  2. If at some point throughout the day you feel very tired try going outside, or at least crack a window open. Taking in some fresh air makes you feel more awake, alert and allows you to breathe.
  3. Take a bathroom break. Run to a bathroom just standing in the stall, gives you a chance to breathe. Might sound weird but sometimes it’s the only few moments in the day we can afford to take for ourselves. Plus, no one will bother you in a bathroom.
  4. Meditate. Some people are very into meditation, I am a pure beginner but having those moments of peace and mindful breathing refreshes you in a way I can’t explain, but you need to experience it for yourself.
  5. Know that it is okay to take breaks. If you have a jam-packed schedule and there is something you don’t have to do immediately, you have every right to cancel this plan or postpone it, if it means taking a breather and regaining your sanity.

Remember that in those messy, hectic and chaotic days you have the right to take a few moments for yourself to recharge. We do not expect you to work 12-16 hours and not take a moment to yourself or to breathe. Make yourself and your well-being a priority even if your to-do list is the size of your arm.

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Have a wonderful day!



This month’s theme is going to be centered around the word: Recharge.
We are finally climbing out of the dreadfully long winter and with that comes spring! A time to recharge, and open our arms up to all things fresh, new and joyous.

Today I want to just briefly talk about the importance of recharging both mentally and emotionally. Last year around this time, I did a Spring Your Life series and you can always refer to those for some additional inspirations.

Recharging means taking time for yourself to re-evaluate your current situation and where you would like to be going, in hopes of restarting or continuing with a fresh and new mindset. When I think of recharging I know I need to be alone for a few hours or however long it is necessary and just go through what has been happening in the past few months, what’s going on now and how I would like the future to be.

Mentally and emotionally recharging is one of the harder things we need to do, but it is also one of the most needed things we need. Meditation is a great place to start, there are an endless number of apps or YouTube videos that have guided meditation for beginners if you’re anything like me and the world of meditation is a bit of a challenge. But if not I usually just journal, in a non-traditional way, the best way I can explain it is free writing.

Grab a pen, some paper and write everything and anything that comes to mind. Write what’s happened to you, things that made you happy or sad; moments of achievement and or of failure, your favorite memories etc. When you get really into this exercise you won’t even notice the time go by, but by the end of it you might feel a tad lighter, well I know I do. It’s like taking everything that has been swirling in your mind for the past few months and word vomiting it on to paper.

When that’s done I go back and try to reread what I wrote, which is usually in gibberish and horrible handwriting, but nonetheless, the point is for you to see your train of thought and all that has happened. The trickier part now is accepting the things that have happened, owning the situation you are in now, and hoping that all will be okay in the future. The recharging part is what allows us to hope, it’s what gives us the energy to dream, create, set goals.

By reflecting on ourselves, our actions and thoughts we are giving ourselves a chance to stop, feel the fatigue and the drain we have been feeling for a long time. Knowing that means we can find the way to wash that all away, either by journaling, working out, a retreat, a vacation etc.
We need to recharge because it resets our outlook on life and gives us a clear and refreshed view of life and what’s to come. Looking at the world through a gray, sad, looming dark sky doesn’t make anything better in our lives. But looking out with a bit of optimism, the possibility that we can literally do anything brings this certain type of light that everyone needs to keep living.

Take a few moments out of your life to recharge because, in the end, it will help you emotionally and mentally. Leave a comment down below on how you like to recharge or prepare for spring!
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!