Accepting Yourself

An important quality that you need to adopt on your journey to becoming a girl boss is acceptance. Now, what do I mean by that, after all, it is a rather broad term. I mean it in this broad way, but mostly with the idea that you need to accept who you are and the circumstances, you have been put in.

I struggled with this a lot, why didn’t I like the same things as most of my friends? Why did that make me laugh but it didn’t make anyone else laugh? Why did I get so affected by things that they seemed not to give a second thought about? It took me a lot of time to accept who I was. It takes a lot to come to terms with who you are as a person because more often than not you are someone beyond society’s construct of who you should be and noticign that, is like trying to understand something out of the norm, but actually being different is very normal.

I love reading, writing and blogging, while some of my friends liked dancing, partying, a musical instrument etc. I was a stark difference in personality with the people I grew up with. I couldn’t understand how I became so different when we had grown up in the same circumstances. But that’s when I realize that just because we went to the same school that did not mean that everything in our lives was similar. Even the way situations affect and how we react to them differs so much.

I couldn’t accept how different I was for the 5 years I was in high school (here its 5 years not 4) and that tore into my self-esteem and destroyed a lot of the confidence I even had left. Then I went to college and found people who were exactly like me, and that also terrified me. At the same time who was I to think I was so different and special? Truth is those people who I thought were very similar to me were nothing like me at all. Why? Because their circumstances were even more different than mine.

If you can’t see what I am getting at, let me clarify. You as a person are unlike any other person on this planet. No matter how much you try to fit in you will never be able to. That shouldn’t make you feel bad if anything it made me feel free because it meant I didn’t have to keep trying to be someone I was no. Girl bosses you need to understand that your greatest asset is who you are, your skills, your thoughts and everything you bring to the table. If you can’t see how amazing and unique you are then you will be bringing to the table, the same thing as everyone else.

How do you get this point? Acceptance. You need to accept and remember who you are. Remember the shit you have been through and how you have risen from those ashes. You need to accept the circumstances the cards you’ve been dealt, it might be unfair but its what you got. You can sit around and pout or find a way to make the most of those cards. The circumstances who have been put in and your personality match up for a reason, they were put together because the universe knew that you as a person can overcome and change these circumstances.

It all starts with acceptance. Accept yourself for who you truly are, and I promise you will feel so free. Then accept your circumstances and realize that the universe is also giving you cards to get out or change it. Girl bosses you are fierce, strong, resilient and a fantastic human being, and you need to accept all those parts of you and even the parts that you might not like. They make up who you are and no one else on earth can be like you.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


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