Sunday Morning Thoughts — 2

This morning as I was sipping my coffee I kept re-evaluating last night and just how I feel in general. The thought that I might not be interesting enough and just plain boring has become a constant fear of mine. Everyone I meet or talk to, I can’t help but think, “do you think I’m boring?”

Time and time again I have to talk myself out of this because no, I am not boring and neither are you! Everyone is so different from one another how could you possibly be like anyone else? You have so much to offer the world how could you be boring? You’re not! In no way, shape or form are you boring. You might be different than certain people in your life, but you are special and unique.

Just a reminder to you all as we begin the week, embrace who you are and understand that you don’t have to try and fit in. You are so interesting, special and amazing, just because you aren’t like other people, does not make you boring.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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