The Power of Feeling Confident

I am writing this on a beautiful Monday morning, and unlike today, the rest of the week is going to be absolute mayhem with little sleep insight. But since one of my classes got canceled this morning I decided to put a little more effort into how I look. I did my hair, put on some makeup and put on an outfit I always feel confident in. Paired with my black little booties, I feel as confident as I can be.

Some might take this like ‘oh I need to spend hours getting ready and getting did up just, so people think I look put together’. And if you think like that then go ahead, but the way I see it is much different. Girl bosses, when you decide what or how much makeup in the morning you should put on, only be doing it with the intention of impressing yourself, with feeling good about yourself. When you wear that killer outfit, whether it be leggings and t-shirt, jeans and a blouse, or a dress, whatever it may be, you wear it with the intent that this will make you feel confident and better.

Because let’s get real, no one else will notice that this outfit might make you feel on top of the world, or that hint of blush that makes you feel just a little perkier, and that the comfiness of those sweats makes you feel like you’re on a cloud.  When you get ready in the morning remember that you how you feel is what is most important.

So, on this Monday morning, get ready in a way that makes you feel amazing. Makeup no makeup, hair did or in that perfect messy bun, do what you want because it makes you feel amazing.

Strut out the door today because you look absolutely fabulous.
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

One thought on “The Power of Feeling Confident

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