Girl Boss Quotes

We have reached the end of March and honestly, it flew by so quickly. This month was all about being a girl boss and empowering yourself and other women. We looked at overcoming obstacles, being productive, your self-worth, happiness and just life in general. Just because the month is over doesn’t mean I will step away from the girl boss world, because it has become a part of who I am and I hope it has become part of your life.

So to end the girl boss month I thought I would leave you all with a few girl boss quotes that continually inspire me.

“She Remembered who She was and the Game Changed”

“Your Worth is not Measured by Your Productivity”

“Drink Coffee and Pretend to know what You are Doing”

“She Leaves a Little Sparkle Everywhere She Goes”

“She Believed She Could So She Did”

“She Designed a Life She Loved”

I hope you all take some of these quotes to heart and go forward into this wonderful life. Never forget how amazing, unique, talented and spectacular you are.

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Accepting Yourself

An important quality that you need to adopt on your journey to becoming a girl boss is acceptance. Now, what do I mean by that, after all, it is a rather broad term. I mean it in this broad way, but mostly with the idea that you need to accept who you are and the circumstances, you have been put in.

I struggled with this a lot, why didn’t I like the same things as most of my friends? Why did that make me laugh but it didn’t make anyone else laugh? Why did I get so affected by things that they seemed not to give a second thought about? It took me a lot of time to accept who I was. It takes a lot to come to terms with who you are as a person because more often than not you are someone beyond society’s construct of who you should be and noticign that, is like trying to understand something out of the norm, but actually being different is very normal.

I love reading, writing and blogging, while some of my friends liked dancing, partying, a musical instrument etc. I was a stark difference in personality with the people I grew up with. I couldn’t understand how I became so different when we had grown up in the same circumstances. But that’s when I realize that just because we went to the same school that did not mean that everything in our lives was similar. Even the way situations affect and how we react to them differs so much.

I couldn’t accept how different I was for the 5 years I was in high school (here its 5 years not 4) and that tore into my self-esteem and destroyed a lot of the confidence I even had left. Then I went to college and found people who were exactly like me, and that also terrified me. At the same time who was I to think I was so different and special? Truth is those people who I thought were very similar to me were nothing like me at all. Why? Because their circumstances were even more different than mine.

If you can’t see what I am getting at, let me clarify. You as a person are unlike any other person on this planet. No matter how much you try to fit in you will never be able to. That shouldn’t make you feel bad if anything it made me feel free because it meant I didn’t have to keep trying to be someone I was no. Girl bosses you need to understand that your greatest asset is who you are, your skills, your thoughts and everything you bring to the table. If you can’t see how amazing and unique you are then you will be bringing to the table, the same thing as everyone else.

How do you get this point? Acceptance. You need to accept and remember who you are. Remember the shit you have been through and how you have risen from those ashes. You need to accept the circumstances the cards you’ve been dealt, it might be unfair but its what you got. You can sit around and pout or find a way to make the most of those cards. The circumstances who have been put in and your personality match up for a reason, they were put together because the universe knew that you as a person can overcome and change these circumstances.

It all starts with acceptance. Accept yourself for who you truly are, and I promise you will feel so free. Then accept your circumstances and realize that the universe is also giving you cards to get out or change it. Girl bosses you are fierce, strong, resilient and a fantastic human being, and you need to accept all those parts of you and even the parts that you might not like. They make up who you are and no one else on earth can be like you.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


Sunday Morning Thoughts — 2

This morning as I was sipping my coffee I kept re-evaluating last night and just how I feel in general. The thought that I might not be interesting enough and just plain boring has become a constant fear of mine. Everyone I meet or talk to, I can’t help but think, “do you think I’m boring?”

Time and time again I have to talk myself out of this because no, I am not boring and neither are you! Everyone is so different from one another how could you possibly be like anyone else? You have so much to offer the world how could you be boring? You’re not! In no way, shape or form are you boring. You might be different than certain people in your life, but you are special and unique.

Just a reminder to you all as we begin the week, embrace who you are and understand that you don’t have to try and fit in. You are so interesting, special and amazing, just because you aren’t like other people, does not make you boring.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

The Other Side of Confidence

Recently I published a post called “The power of feeling confident” and it resonated with quite a few people. That day I felt on top of my game, I felt amazing in my skin, my hair was cooperating, and it was sunny outside which always puts me in a better mood.

But today, the tables on confidence have turned. This weekend I have to go clubbing, it has been something I have pushed off and made so many excuses to not go but I reached a point where I ran out of excuses and if I didn’t go I think my friends would be beyond mad at me. This for me at least, takes a lot of confidence. I was just in the changing rooms at forever 21 and everything I tried on just looked weird. It was too cropped so showed this part I didn’t like, or it made me look fat or strange. I was looking for tops I thought were clubbing tops, but in no way did they make me feel amazing or comfortable. I tried on a top with my jeans and couldn’t believe how fat my hips and thighs looked. I was in this deep dark moment of self-hatred and I quickly realized I needed to get out of it.

I left the changing room and went to look other tops that were not any means grandma tops but were not overly revealing or clubbing material. I think a huge part of confidence is accepting yourself as you are. I had to accept that cropped tiny tops were not for my body shape or my personality, but there are tons of other girls that could totally rock it. I had to shift my mind a bit because it was only according to my mind that my thighs looked huge. No one else saw that but me and if someone did, who cares?  Because I can guarantee you they don’t even care that much either.

Confidence is a funny thing, sometimes you feel like you want to crawl into your bed and never look in the mirror ever again. Other times, you want to take 4903 pictures of yourself because you feel amazing. It can also do a 180 or change at the flip of a switch. The key to not letting it consume you is to accept who you are and every single part of you. I know it takes time and work, trust me I go through it every single day.

You also need to realize that clothing wise you don’t have to completely jump of your comfort zone, obviously don’t be afraid to do so, but baby steps to help. I’m much more of a classic chic gal myself so trying to style myself for clubbing is out of my comfort zone. But once I realized that there could be a middle point or a baby step, then I understood that I don’t need to change who I am.

At the root of it all, I felt like I was changing who I was by trying to dress up as someone I was not. I am so glad that a part of me recognized this because it made me realize that I am who I am. Staying true to who you are, brings you to this reality that being yourself is comfortable and you don’t need others approval or compliments to make you feel good in your skin. It feels just right, and you can feel amazing. The other day when my confidence was up in the charts, I was being and dressing as my truest self.

The key to confidence, in my opinion, is to be yourself. Realize that by being yourself you can tackle anything. And if anyone says anything, screw them. You are genuinely amazing without their approval, and if they comment about what you feel amazing in, then they do not appreciate you or know you well enough.

Be yourself, and it will help build your confidence. Trust that how and who you are is exactly the way you are supposed to be and that you look fantastic no matter what you are wearing.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

The Change in the Narrative

Who I used to be is in no way who I am today. Quite a bold statement to make but there is a key shift that happened to me, that creates a very stark contrast between who I used to be and who I am now. There wasn’t a key event that marked this, rather it was a series of thoughts and hearing different viewpoints that brought this shift upon.
When I was in high school, at an all-girl school, the obvious conversations and comments of cattiness or judgment was something that became part of our everyday language towards one another.

It was only in my last year of high school that the way I viewed other girls around me changed. We had to take an ethics class, which was thought by my teacher who was a proud feminist. She introduced us to the concept of feminism, and to the world outside of this private all-girls school privilege we had grown up in. I am forever grateful for her in my life because it was sitting through her classes that I realized that the way I thought about others around me was so deeply ingrained in me and society. I viewed girls as the competition, I judged them unfairly, I brought them down and was rough in the words I would use to talk about or with them.

But sitting in that ethics class, I realized just the type of person I had become, and I was in no way okay with this. From those moments on, I started becoming more conscious of how I talk about other girls and women and how my words can have a huge impact on them. I also noticed that the way I was, was just how everyone around me was being, but thanks to that class that started to change.

The culture in our school changed with that class, with how we were with one another, and the support that outpoured among us. I met a new group of people, immediately noticed the amount of support they had for one another, how willing they were to give of themselves to the people that cared about them, and how they stood up for what is right. This isn’t to say that this was new for me, but in terms of the girl culture I grew up in, it’s very different. I grew up with the idea that I always had to be better than someone else, I had to know more, look more put together, and always give off the illusion that my life was perfect. They were unapologetically themselves, and they mixed so well together. Thinking about this now, it seems actually amazing.

Now looking back on my high school days, I don’t blame myself for being that way it’s the only thing I knew, its how I was raised. I am just happy that I caught on that living that way or seeing girls in that light was never going to advance myself.

I am proud to say that now I am none of those things. I have learned that the only person I am competing with is myself, and not other girls. I do my absolute best to support my friends and their dreams, and make sure to do whatever I can to help. I try to refrain from talking bad about girls. I try to do a lot of things, but it takes time and effort, and in no way does it happen overnight.

The moral of this long-winded story is that the way we grew up talking and being around girls and women, is no longer the same. The tables have turned, and now more than ever we see girls supporting girls in more ways than imaginable. Support women, encourage them, help them and never bring them down. The key to switching the narrative that society has had for so long is that we need to take steps (even small steps) to change how we view and talk about other girls and women. This narrative can change and it needs to.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!


The Power of Feeling Confident

I am writing this on a beautiful Monday morning, and unlike today, the rest of the week is going to be absolute mayhem with little sleep insight. But since one of my classes got canceled this morning I decided to put a little more effort into how I look. I did my hair, put on some makeup and put on an outfit I always feel confident in. Paired with my black little booties, I feel as confident as I can be.

Some might take this like ‘oh I need to spend hours getting ready and getting did up just, so people think I look put together’. And if you think like that then go ahead, but the way I see it is much different. Girl bosses, when you decide what or how much makeup in the morning you should put on, only be doing it with the intention of impressing yourself, with feeling good about yourself. When you wear that killer outfit, whether it be leggings and t-shirt, jeans and a blouse, or a dress, whatever it may be, you wear it with the intent that this will make you feel confident and better.

Because let’s get real, no one else will notice that this outfit might make you feel on top of the world, or that hint of blush that makes you feel just a little perkier, and that the comfiness of those sweats makes you feel like you’re on a cloud.  When you get ready in the morning remember that you how you feel is what is most important.

So, on this Monday morning, get ready in a way that makes you feel amazing. Makeup no makeup, hair did or in that perfect messy bun, do what you want because it makes you feel amazing.

Strut out the door today because you look absolutely fabulous.
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Sunday Morning Thoughts

You don’t always have to do what you think is expected of you. You think that this thing is expected of you, you assume that everyone else expects that from you. But in reality, people don’t actually expect that much from you. Don’t take this in the wrong way, but people are busy thinking about many other things, their energy is not concentrated on what you do or don’t do. We put these expectations on ourselves, but we really don’t need to. Usually, the root cause of putting these expectations on yourself is believing that you are confined to something society has made you feel you have to do or have to be. If you feel that way, then you need to understand that society can’t infiltrate your mind and permanently force you to think that society expects certain things from you. You will always have the option to go against the little voice in your head that confines you to something you don’t want to be. You don’t always have to do what you think is expected of you.

This is just a little idea I came up with this morning, and definitely something I want to continue. Its basically just little thoughts that cross my mind on a Sunday morning in bed, drinking my coffee.
Hope you all enjoyed and thanks for reading!