The Silver Lining

As we all know, life is life. It can be brutal, messy and knock the wind out of you more times than you think it can. This recently happened to me and figuring out how to recover or move on from it has been one of the hardest challenges I have ever had to face.

Its been a week since the situation happened, and only now am I slowly starting to return to my normal self. Except things have changed, too many things really… My relationships with people have changed, the lens I view life through has become a shade darker, and I feel completely alone.

But out of every single bad situation, there is a tiny glimmer of a silver lining. This silver lining happened to teach me one of the most important life lessons I needed to know. It taught me that at the end of the day, I can only truly depend on myself. My relationship with myself, and the confidence that I have, and how I trust myself is the most important thing I will ever have. Because when you feel completely alone with no one to turn to, the only person left is you. Being able to depend on myself is what ultimately got me through, and still is getting me through, this situation.

Everything I will do in the future will be for me, and that I will work and earn everything I want, and no one else will be involved in this. Some of you might think wow she’s turning into a selfish person, and maybe I am. But depending on myself, and being able to trust my intuition and decisions, and love myself is never a bad thing. I simply want to work and focus more of my attention on building a relationship that is stable and will last, with myself.

Silver linings are often hard to swallow because they tend to come out of situations you did not want to happen. But they are in a way the universes way of teaching you an important life lesson.

When shit hits the fan, the only person left to pick up the pieces is you! You are your own best friend, and knowing that fact will bring you comfort, strength, and stability. Being there for yourself is one of the powerful things you can ever do, it takes a lot of strength and bravery.

Be there for yourself.
You need you.

Thanks for reading,

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