A Perfect Fall Day

Yesterday was my definition of a perfect fall day!
I woke up late, after staying up late the night before studying. And decided to lay in bed for a little while longer while I sipped my fall spiced coffee. And on top of that, I had the window open to let in the crisp fall air, and my favourite fall candle from bath and bodywork was burning, and we can’t forget the fact that I was watching Gilmore girls! No fall day is complete without an episode of Gilmore Girls… but that might just be my opinion…
After that I had a relaxing lunch and caught up on my favourite show, Designated Survivor, I planned out my day ahead, and the following days to come, as I will officially be entering the midterm season in university (please send me some luck, would be much appreciated!).
I headed to my only class of the day, which thankfully is one of my favourite classes (if anyone is curious, it’s a Greek history class). Before class, however, I got a cheeky little Starbucks drink to celebrate the fall weather finally arriving, and honestly needed another dose of caffeine. And followed by purchasing a pair of sweatpants with my school’s logo on it so I can tell people I go to my school… plus, they were on sale, and I desperately needed new sweatpants since my other ones all had holes in them.
Once my class had ended, I headed home and saw that 2 books I had ordered from Indigo a few weeks ago (once again if you are curious it was #Girlboss, and You Are a Badass, I’ll let you know how they are).
That was my perfect fall day! I just thought it would interesting to share, and it was just a good day that rejuvenated me and gave me the energy to keep going during the hell that is midterms.
Leave a comment down below outlining your perfect fall day! Or the perfect type of day in your favourite season! I’m curious to know!
Have a wonderful day!

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