My Favourite Teas

Since Fall is upon us, I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you all some of my favourite teas. During the summer, I often forget about drinking tea, but the minute September and October roll around my love for tea returns. So here are a few of my favourite teas just to get you in the fall mood!

  • Earl Grey by Twinning’s
  • French Vanilla Chai by Twinning’s
  • Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange by Twinning’s
  • Chocolate Macaroon by David’s Tea
  • Earl Grey Crème by David’s Tea
  • Cardamom French Toast by David’s Tea

I do recommend that you give a few of these a try! But tea is preferences are based on personal tastes, and you really have to like the taste of teas in general. If you are just entering the tea world, try adding milk and sugar to your teas, to ease you into them. But now whenever I try new teas, I try them for the first time without adding any additional things to them, to see if I will like the taste or not. I recommend you do that only when you really love tea, and maybe not the first time as it might turn you off to tea.

Leave a comment down below with some of your favourite teas!

I hope you like these suggestions, thanks for readings and have a wonderful day!

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