Sunday Night Routine

Sunday nights… I wish they could be as perfect as books make them seem, but unfortunately, they are filled with a sudden panic and trying to scramble everything together for the week ahead. I used to be exactly like this, and honestly some weeks I still am like this, but I have learned how to change that habit. What I love to do now is that on Sunday nights, I essentially get my life together! Today I am going to share with you all just what exactly goes into my Sunday night routine, and how it sets me off on the right foot for the rest of the week ahead!

What I first like to start by doing is, taking about half-an-hour and organize my life in my agenda. I will take a glance at the assignments, birthdays, occasions, meetings etc. that I have coming up that week, and make sure they are all scheduled in. After that is done, if it is the beginning of the month, like it is today, then I will make my monthly goals.

My monthly goals obviously change or are re-evaluated every month. I have 3 categories that I like to focus on, those of which are academic, personal and financial. Since I am a student, the academic goals are the most important, at least for me they are. I will look at what projects are due, what marks I want to achieve, any deadlines I want to set for myself etc. Then I will focus on personal goals for the month, which are honestly anything. For example, this month my personal goal is to do 31 days of blogging, starting with this blog post. And then we have financial goals; since I am a student, and live at home, I don’t pay many bills. But if you do, then this is the time for you to see when things need to be paid, and upcoming paychecks and such. What I do rather, is see my future paychecks to come, and how much I have in my bank account and budget how much I will be able to use for the week, and how much I want to have saved up by the end of the month.

After my goals for the month are done, I will just create small and short to-do lists under each day of the week, so they are ready for anything that pops up throughout the week, or I will already plan out what homework or studying I need to do when. This helps me procrastinate less, and avoid leaving everything for the weekend, where it will be physically impossible to accomplish all of it.

The last bits of my Sunday routine mostly have to do with self-care. This is usually the time I will make myself a cup of tea, put on some Gilmore girls and do a nice face mask. I wish I could do that every week, but sometimes I don’t have time… *sigh*

Also, I will preplan my outfits of the week according to the weather, and do some journaling. This allows me a few moments to just catch up with myself, and what my intentions or attitude is towards the week ahead.

That is my Sunday Night Routine! I hope you all enjoyed it, and will incorporate a few things into your own routines, or maybe start one of your own! Leave a comment down below about anything I could add that would make my Sundays even better!


Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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