5 Things I Learnt This Summer- 2017

The end of summer is fast approaching, or maybe it has already ended for you. The end of summer usually is marked with the month of August, or back-to-school commercials, and preparations for the new chapter of your life that is awaiting you. We eat our last ice creams outside, on a gorgeous summer night with the sun setting in a way it only does in the summer. Whil trying to bottle up as much of that summer feeling as we possibly can.

Like every year, I am eager and excited to start the next school year. In a matter of 2 weeks, I will be starting university, and I am more excited than nervous. I know exactly what to expect, what I am expecting from myself, and what the experience will be like. I love that…I love knowing what’s up next, or whats coming; I love how I feel in control,  like I can prepare for everything I need to. This summer has challenged me in more ways than I had planned or anticipated for the summer. So here are a few things that I have learnt this summer, that I know I need to apply to the next chapter of my life.

This summer has challenged me in more ways than I had planned or anticipated for. So here are a few things that I have learnt this summer, that I thought would be perfect note to end the summer on.

  1. Life will throw you the most unexpected of things.

I am the type that needs to plan everything and be prepared for any scenario or outcome. I have always been like that, but this summer has taught me that I can try preparing for life as much as I want, things will still come up unexpectedly. Life has so many curveballs headed for you, some good and some bad… its a part of life is what I also learnt this summer.

2. Not every aspect of your life will be okay at the same time.

Trying to balance everyone and everything does take a toll on you, and most of the times you will beat yourself down for not being able to multitask that well. Don’t blame yourself, or think that something is wrong with you because creating the perfect balance never happens when everything is constantly changing.

3. Sometimes we can find peace of mind in the least likely of places.

I believe that every opportunity presented to you at a time in your life is there for a reason. This summer I felt I that I needed to, feel needed by others and that I needed to give back and help people. And I got the oppurtunity to do that, and I felt a part of my soul was being filled up, and that gave me the peace of mind that I needed.

4. Relationships need to be worked at…constantly.

I think I am not the only person to say this but I suck at relationships, in every aspect and every way. I thought that if one was going smoothly then I didn’t have to put that much energy into it, turns out, you still need to put as much energy into that relationship. In terms of relationships, I have also been learning, slowly and I mean very slowly, that it’s okay to share things with people.

5. You always have another option, it just might be the harder one.

You always have endless options, there are just some that will give you more of what you want. But those are also the ones that will affect your life the most, and the people around you. You need to know that in those moments,when those big decisions need to be made, you really have to put yourself as a priority.

This summer has definitely been one for the books, and I just wanted to share what I’ve experienced. So now feel free to leave a comment down below about how your summer was! Or what you learnt this summer that you think everyone should know!

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

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