The misconception of summer

Often we have this misconception that summers need to be jam packed with endless nights and constant fun… which it can obviously have. Before summer starts we have this idea of what we want our summer to look like; we book our trips, and make the bucket lists and plan out our road trips. But when summer rolls, often times everything we had hoped for does not happen. Because being busy 24/7 is actually exhausting, and summer is meant to be a break from the chaos we experience the rest of the year.

Essentially, what I am getting at is that our summers don’t have to be picture perfect. We do not need to post the perfect Instagram and have our snapchat stories filled to the point where it’s annoying to watch. Whenever I do even the smallest thing with some people during the summer, they feel the need to document it all and post it on social media, to make it seem as if they are having the time of their life. And if you do that, then go ahead, there really is no problem with that. But we need to remember that, that life that they portray, that magical summer they are telling you they have, is not always necessarily true. Because they too will have those days or weeks where they stay home (no, just me? Okay…), those times when they just lazy around their pool, or the most exciting thing they’ve done in days is going for a walk! We spend so much time trying to show how exciting and wonderful our life may seem when in reality it isn’t.

And that’s okay! Because summer is meant to be relaxing, peaceful and calm! A time to get your life together, and rejuvenate for the next chapter of your life. It’s okay if your summer is mundane and regular and just normal. If you can handle an exciting and crazy busy summer then, by all means, go ahead! But if you can’t do that, then that’s okay too. You have to care and worry about your life, and your summer, and not what everyone else is posting online.

Summers are meant to be enjoyed, the weather is nicer, the sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous, and we can eat an abundance of ice cream! Basically, summer is made for all these magical things happen that seem like nothing, but become memories that will last a lifetime.

You do not need to have these over the top trips to make our summer great, but really all we need are these little things that break our routine from everyday life, to enjoy our summers to the fullest.

Have a Wonderful Day!

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