One of the underlying themes that run through every living thing is change. Change for a lot of people might just lead to the thing they always wanted or the thing they needed to get out of something horrible in their life. However, I understand why people think change is bad. There are times when our lives or whatever we have going on is so good, that we do not want to change anything. And the only explanation I could offer you as to why change even in the best times of our lives will happen is because of how circumstances and situations change. The perfect moment or situation will fade away because the best times don’t last forever and ever, and eventually, you need change to come along and offer you something different.

Sometimes to ease into the whole change thing, we need to start with the smallest of changes, which will make a big difference. Say, for example, little by little you start changing how or what you eat, eventually following the little by a little idea, you would have modified your entire diet. Another example, if you start incorporating small things of self-love or self-care into your daily routine, over time you will see that you become happier, maybe more focused or motivated. Small changes tend to help make Change in general, an easier and less terrifying process.

But then there are times when a change has to be big, and it happens with no will or warning. I think this is where change gets its bad reputation, the change we don’t see coming but was there on our path all along. And even though it might suck, and seem to be a horrible change, eventually it will give you an experience, a moment, an opportunity that you needed in life. All this to say that change in the time that it is happening seems absolutely terrifying and scary, but then something amazing will come out of it, you just need to have faith and believe that something good will come out of it.

So my dear friends, embrace change, because whether you like it or not it will be good for you somewhere down the line.

If you have any tips on how to deal with change, then please leave a comment down below, we need all the wisdom we can get!

Have a wonderful day!

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