The misconception of summer

Often we have this misconception that summers need to be jam packed with endless nights and constant fun… which it can obviously have. Before summer starts we have this idea of what we want our summer to look like; we book our trips, and make the bucket lists and plan out our road trips. But when summer rolls, often times everything we had hoped for does not happen. Because being busy 24/7 is actually exhausting, and summer is meant to be a break from the chaos we experience the rest of the year.

Essentially, what I am getting at is that our summers don’t have to be picture perfect. We do not need to post the perfect Instagram and have our snapchat stories filled to the point where it’s annoying to watch. Whenever I do even the smallest thing with some people during the summer, they feel the need to document it all and post it on social media, to make it seem as if they are having the time of their life. And if you do that, then go ahead, there really is no problem with that. But we need to remember that, that life that they portray, that magical summer they are telling you they have, is not always necessarily true. Because they too will have those days or weeks where they stay home (no, just me? Okay…), those times when they just lazy around their pool, or the most exciting thing they’ve done in days is going for a walk! We spend so much time trying to show how exciting and wonderful our life may seem when in reality it isn’t.

And that’s okay! Because summer is meant to be relaxing, peaceful and calm! A time to get your life together, and rejuvenate for the next chapter of your life. It’s okay if your summer is mundane and regular and just normal. If you can handle an exciting and crazy busy summer then, by all means, go ahead! But if you can’t do that, then that’s okay too. You have to care and worry about your life, and your summer, and not what everyone else is posting online.

Summers are meant to be enjoyed, the weather is nicer, the sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous, and we can eat an abundance of ice cream! Basically, summer is made for all these magical things happen that seem like nothing, but become memories that will last a lifetime.

You do not need to have these over the top trips to make our summer great, but really all we need are these little things that break our routine from everyday life, to enjoy our summers to the fullest.

Have a Wonderful Day!


There will always be those times when you have to go through a situation that you will not be comfortable in. And there will be a time when you will dread one thing so much that you will find every excuse in the book, not to go!

But for the sake of experience and your life, you should go into that uncomfortable situation. Why? Because the universe will always present you with the unexpected. And, people will constantly surpise you.
I know this is not much, but i’ll have a better post on wednesday, I promise!

Now go live your life!

Have a wonderful day!


An opinion. Probably one of the biggest causes of conflicts regardless of where you are, who you are, or your circumstances. Everyone has an opinion, and as I am sure you will all know they are shaped by the environment you grew up in and are currently living in. Now I am also sure that many of you know that the environment in which you grew up in is not the same one as your neighbors or even people in your family. And we all know that this leads us to have very different and diverse opinions that we have today in the world.

The issue with opinion nowadays is that people often feel as if they cannot voice their opinion because it has been condemned as wrong by another group. I am not supporting or giving a pass to extremist’s views and such, but rather, the opposing opinion between liberal-minded people and more conservative minded people, for example. This is a common opposition that we see a lot nowadays, and what both opinions have in common is that they like to say that the other opinion is wrong. Which is something you cannot say, why? Because we praise the fact that we have freedom of speech, and thought and religion, yet we do not like it when someone voices their opinion, which they are entitled too, and it does not match ours.

Which has been deemed as normal, as it is and was the reason for so many wars and conflicts past and present? Because one group said your wrong, and the other said no you are wrong.

When dealing with a group or person who has a different opinion, you need to keep in mind that they are shaped by their environment. Most of the time you will not have a single clue as to why people think the way they do. Even more so, that means that you need to respect them. They, like you, have lived and experienced the good and bad that life has to offer, and maybe they took it differently than you did, but that does not give you the right to tell them that they are wrong, or bad. And vice versa, they cannot tell you that your opinion is wrong or bad.

This is what I challenge you to do, the next time you are discussing anything really, and the person is saying the opposite of what you think or what you want to hear, pause for a moment and think about how that person most likely disagrees with your views. Think about how they were shaped in a very different way. When we do not take the time to understand someone else’s point of view, we are the “bad guys”. However, if you do try and take the time to understand an opposing point of view or opinion, you are creating peace, tolerance, and understanding, which are all things the world needs more of.

Instead of bringing hate and opposition in the world, bring open communication, compromise, and understanding. All values that no matter what opinion you have, you will want.

Top 4 Commencement Speeches

Graduation season is upon us, and to most, this is a time where we are standing at the edge of a chapter in our lives, awaiting a new chapter to commence! So in honor of this moment, and if you are not attending any graduations this year and still want to be inspired and motivated, I decided to share my top 5 commencement speeches that have inspired me the most.

Here they are:

I hope that you will listen to as many as you like, and take some advice from them. Perhaps they will push you to move into the next chapter or phase of your life, or give you the small piece of advice you need right now.

I just want to congratulate everyone who is graduating from high school, college, university, or finishing up a stage of their life. Good luck in the years to come, and move into the next chapter with an open mind and an open heart!

Have a wonderful day!


The Universe

My mom always said that what you send out into the universe, like your attitude or whether you are negative or positive, is what you will get back. For a long time, it simply went in one ear, and out the other, until it had become ingrained in my mind. Since then, I know this to be true; I know that if I send negative energy out into the universe and the world around me, then the universe will just reciprocate with the same negative energy. But if I began to send out positive energy into the universe, maybe it would actually send me back the same.

It may seem as if the universe is constantly against you, don’t worry I have been there and you are not alone in that line of thinking. Honestly, the only way that, that line of thinking ends is when you change the way you think.

Lately, I have been understanding more the idea that if you don’t get something, it’s because it was not meant to be, or maybe something better lies ahead. Believing in that concept is not an easy task, but you need to believe it anyway, why? Because clearly, the way you are thinking at the moment is not benefiting you in any way. As I mentioned earlier, negativity attracts negative, so if you start thinking positive, then you will attract positive! By having faith in the universe, let’s say that’s positive, the universe will reciprocate with what you need or want. And some still will be like well why hasn’t it happened yet? And I am here to say that I get you, it took me 2 years to find a part time job, and I wanted to just give up and not bother. But eventually, I got a job! I had faith, I was patient, and I believed that I would get a job. I send out positive energy in the form or hope and wanting a job, and the universe answered this.
This is why we have things such as the law of attraction, vision boards and everything in-between. We need to put our wishes, dreams, and hopes into the universe, and have faith that the stars will align for us.

And I understand entirely that thinking or believing in this is hard, but honestly, if you doubt this way of thinking, I am going to assume that your way of thinking is not doing you any good either. So try and send positive vibes into the universe, rather the negative ones you have been sending it out. I promise it will make a difference.

If you want more details and would like to explore this concept, then do check out The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, it will change your life! (Also I believe there is a movie, but do read the book also!).

I hope that maybe this inspires you to change the way you see the universe, the world and yourself. And I promise it will pay off, you just need to have faith in yourself, and the universe, and a dash (okay maybe a cup full, of patience).

Have a Wonderful Day!

Saving Ourselves

Every day we are faced with challenges and obstacles to overcome. Sometimes, however, we get faced with things that are larger than our everyday challenges, and facing those challenges takes a lot more strength and courage. Before, and sometimes even now, I will push away those challenges or avoid them. Which is why you need people around you to push you to do those things. Because pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones is not always easy, sure we do it a lot, but sometimes we need that extra push from an outside source besides yourself.

We have this idea nowadays that no one else can save us, and that we need to save ourselves from ourselves. Which is true in a lot of circumstances and situations, and it’s been proven every day. But there will be those times where you get into this headspace that you won’t even know you are in and it will be up to someone outside of yourself to save you. It doesn’t mean you are weak, or a coward, but just that you need that extra help or push to fix whatever is going wrong in your life.

We have this misconception that we can all save ourselves, but there are those rare moments when we really and truly need someone else’s help.


I’m sorry if this is all over the place, my brain has just been in this mood. But I just wanted everyone to know that we can accept help from people and that it does not make us weak or vulnerable.

Have a wonderful day!!


One of the underlying themes that run through every living thing is change. Change for a lot of people might just lead to the thing they always wanted or the thing they needed to get out of something horrible in their life. However, I understand why people think change is bad. There are times when our lives or whatever we have going on is so good, that we do not want to change anything. And the only explanation I could offer you as to why change even in the best times of our lives will happen is because of how circumstances and situations change. The perfect moment or situation will fade away because the best times don’t last forever and ever, and eventually, you need change to come along and offer you something different.

Sometimes to ease into the whole change thing, we need to start with the smallest of changes, which will make a big difference. Say, for example, little by little you start changing how or what you eat, eventually following the little by a little idea, you would have modified your entire diet. Another example, if you start incorporating small things of self-love or self-care into your daily routine, over time you will see that you become happier, maybe more focused or motivated. Small changes tend to help make Change in general, an easier and less terrifying process.

But then there are times when a change has to be big, and it happens with no will or warning. I think this is where change gets its bad reputation, the change we don’t see coming but was there on our path all along. And even though it might suck, and seem to be a horrible change, eventually it will give you an experience, a moment, an opportunity that you needed in life. All this to say that change in the time that it is happening seems absolutely terrifying and scary, but then something amazing will come out of it, you just need to have faith and believe that something good will come out of it.

So my dear friends, embrace change, because whether you like it or not it will be good for you somewhere down the line.

If you have any tips on how to deal with change, then please leave a comment down below, we need all the wisdom we can get!

Have a wonderful day!