The End– Spring Your Life Series

We have officially reached the end of the Spring Your Life series! Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope at least something I wrote about has helped you.

We will always have this voice of doubt sitting in the back of our minds, and pushing that voice away will be something that is going to test your strength. But the only thing that has gotten me through that is the fact that I see people my age, accomplishing so many amazing things, and we have the same tools and opportunities at our disposal, so why can’t I do what I want? Yes, there will be obstacles, but everyone faces obstacles every day of their lives. These obstacles are meant to test our strength, not stop us!

That little voice of doubt in the back of your mind will one day be overpowered by your conscious, and that day will only come when you decide that it needs to shut up. And that will never be easy, finding yourself, and figuring out your life will never be easy… and it might seem daunting and terrifying, but in the end, it will be worth it!

Because at the end of your life, you will remember all the people who mean more than life itself to you. You will remember all those times you failed, but got back up and how that made you stronger. You will remember how mistakes taught you lessons. You will remember people who have changed your life, and the lives of people who you have helped and cared for. To get to that point, it’s a long journey… that journey does not just happen, it takes a lot of hard work. To live an accomplished life means to live a life that is meaningful to you and only you. When you reach the end, I want you to say that you did everything you wanted, and got everything you hoped for out of it. I know it sounds cliché and all, but it’s most probably a cliché because everyone wants it.

I hope that through discovering yourself, your core values, your life goals, your priorities, and what happiness means to you, and being able to visualize it all has given you some of the necessary tools you will need to conquer the world.

As the Spring Your Life Series comes to an end for this year (I’ll be back with more next spring!), I just wanted to let you all know that these past few months have been difficult on my part and that this series was meant to help figure out my life, which I have to say it did help. And I hope it helped you also, I know it won’t fundamentally change your life because no one else can decide to do that but yourself, but I hope it helps kick start your decision…

And so I leave you, until my next post! I will continue to post the types of blog posts that were part of the Spring Your Life series throughout the year so I will make sure you keep getting your life together do not worry!

Thank you for reading, and Have a Wonderful Day!

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