Prioritising Your Energy

If you have one thing to give back to the world, it is your time and energy. The problem that many face is that they often lack the energy to do things, or to be around people. If you are experiencing this lack of energy and not enough time, maybe it is time you re-evaluate where your energy is going, and who it is going to.

Too often we spend time and energy on people who not appreciate us, or who do not reciprocate the same amount of energy we put into them. Which essentially leads to parts of your life becoming increasingly tiring, draining, and exhausting. When we do not distribute our energy to the right situations or the right people, we end up running out of it a lot quicker and that is not something we want in our lives. Which is why when we spring clean our lives, we also need to spring clean the people in our lives. I am not saying that you need to cut people out of your life, but you need to look at who deserves more of your energy compared to others. But if cutting people out of your life is necessary for your mental and physical health, and overall well-being then goes ahead and cut them out of your life.

Now how exactly do you know where your energy is going? First, we need to look at people in your immediate circle. I’m talking your core group of friends/boyfriend/girlfriend (say the 3-4 main best friends in your life) and your family; think about how each of their relationship with you is like, and you will slowly start to see that maybe someone hasn’t been putting much energy into you as you have into them, or vice versa. The thing about these immediate groups of people is that we often get offended when they aren’t always giving us constant attention, and not the same amount of energy is being reciprocated. You need to keep in mind that people are having tough times and that at the moment they might need you to put more energy into them, and maybe not have it reciprocated fully at the moment.

Next look at your larger group of friends, these people do matter to you, but if you are giving them more energy and attention, without it being reciprocated, then your immediate circle, then I suggest re-evaluating what that person means in your life. And these are a group of friends, whether they are class friends or work friends, they are friends of circumstance. You all happen to be in the same place and situation, so why not make it fun and bearable. Which is totally cool and all, but realistically the chances of you hanging onto them for life is minimal—though it can be possible. Anyway, when it comes to your larger group of friends, give them some of your energy, but not all of it, or as much as you would for your immediate circle.

As I addressed a little earlier, cutting people out of your life is tricky business. And sometimes you might regret it, and it might hurt; ending a friendship is not something that just happens or smooths by you. When we cut people out our lives, we first need to think why we are doing this? Is there anything that you can work out with them? Have you tried talking to them and they still don’t change anything? Eventually, you will reach a point where you realize that this person is a great a person, but is not a good person for you and your mental or physical health. This is where people might be confused because just the way someone is with you does not define them entirely. If they are a certain way with you and you have a toxic relationship with them, it does not necessarily mean they are seen like that by everyone else. Once you reach that level of understanding that this person does not help you or contribute to your energy or life, and understand that they still are a great person, then you will finally become mature enough to cut people out of your life. But unfortunately, getting to that point is not easy.

Prioritizing your energy is one of the most important things that you can do. I have no doubt that it will be hard, but there comes a certain point where you will have to do it for your well-being.

I hope this helped you, and if you have any comments of suggestions for everyone out there, please feel free to leave them down below!

Also, thank you to the 10 followers I have on my blog!!!! I know the number seems small, but it honestly feels like a huge accomplishment and pushes me to keep going forward. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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