Spring Your Life– Values

Welcome to a new series I am starting called: Spring Your Life

Since it is finally spring, and the snow has officially disappeared and will not be returning for a few months, I decided it was time to do some spring cleaning, except not as in cleaning my house or room (I should probably do that though…), but more like spring cleaning my mind and re-evaluating my life. And I thought why not create a series on my blog, so if you feel like you need a fresh start, then you can follow along with me!

The first thing we need to focus on is our values. I never had a set of values before a few weeks ago when I sat down and decided I needed to figure out what defines and shapes my morals and ethics and such. So I decided to google how to find my values, and essentially I choose a bunch from a list and wrote them down. But obviously, a huge list is not ideal, and you don’t prioritize all those values the same.

So what you should do right now, is make a list of all things you value, they could be short phrases but one word is preferable.

Here are some examples:

  • Education
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Money
  • Happiness
  • Kindness
  • Joy
  • Gratefulness
  • Fairness
  • Religion
  • Hospitality
  • Passion
  • Fun
  • Freedom
  • Confidence
  • Competition
  • Ambition
  • Hardworking
  • Generous
  • Balance
  • Curiosity

If you need more ideas, then just google list of values and you will get a ton, these are just examples to get you started.

So now that you have a list of let’s say more than 10, it is time to put those in order of most important to less important.

Now take the top 3-5 values on your list, and read them over. Do they seem like things that can be your core values? Do they describe who you are? Do they make sense to you?
Some of you might be looking at your list of values, and seem confused. Maybe because it was not what you thought it would be, or maybe because you feel a bit ashamed about your choices. And to that I say, never be ashamed of your values. And do not let anyone else judge you or criticize you for your values. You are living your life with obstacles and challenges that no one else faces the same way you do. And if you feel that these values are a bit off, take some time to reflect on why they are a bit off, and try the exercise again.

Now you are probably wondering, why on earth did I make you just have an existential crisis, but it is with good intentions. These core values are meant to guide your life and your decisions. Every time you do something or say something these values should be in the back of your mind. When it comes to prioritizing aspects of your life (blog post on that coming soon), these values will play a huge role. For a long time, I could not prioritize or even make decisions properly, because I had no foundation of my life.

These values are just one part of the foundation of your life, and I recommend you re-evaluate these values maybe once or twice a year. Because as you change, so will your values.

I am not saying that these values will be the sole things you care about or value, they aren’t. But they are a great start to the re-evaluating your life process that we are on.

Feel free to leave any questions you might have about the series, and or about values in general! Leave a comment down below with any values you might have!


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