Live Your Life

One of my biggest fears has to be me living an average, ordinary life. To some, the whole go to school, 9-5 job, marriage, kids, and growing old, sounds like a dream come true. I honestly think that this will be my personal hell (keep in mind that this is my own opinion).

I want to live a life filled with ambition, love, adventure, and passion. I want to see as much of the world as I can. I want at least one moment in life where it feels like I’m in a movie. I want to fall head over heels in love with someone. I want to eat as much food as I can; meet people from all walks of life, and from all over the world.

Mostly, I just want to see my life as a blank canvas, and for once not be terrified of it, but to actually embrace it. I have this craving for life, but yet I keep stopping myself. And I know many people out there have the same problem, so I’m here to offer you, and myself a few solutions to the problem.

I think the first thing we need to understand is that the only person stopping you from doing anything, is YOU. We create this barrier between where we are now, and who we want to become. Not realizing that who we want to become, is tied in with who we are. We are scared of change because that means leaving our comfort zone, and in reality, that seems absolutely terrifying. We stop ourselves from experiencing new things and living because that means that maybe we will change in the process, and leave behind things that needed to be let go of a long time ago, but haven’t yet. We stop moving on because we want things to stay the same to honor our past selves or a loved one. We stop ourselves from living; we are our own worst enemy.

Next, we need to stop underestimating ourselves. We’ve been taught that being confident is synonymous with showing off and that we need to pretend were not, to seem humble. That’s where things get lost in translation; the idea is that we need to be confident and also be humble, two separate things that do not necessarily relate. Time and time again, we will doubt what we can do, and focus too much on how someone can do something better than we can. We constantly undermine who we are, our strengths, and if we continue to do that we will never notice our weaknesses and improve them.

Lastly, we need to realize that living only starts when you gain control of your life again. So often we say that we have no control over our lives. Which in theory makes absolutely no sense, because if anyone has control of how you think, or what you do, it is entirely you. I understand that there are circumstances where that is not the case, but if you have the opportunity to have control over yourself, then take advantage of it!

You need to realize just how great of a person you are, and just how much you can get done once you get over the fear of living. How can this be done you ask, well let’s just start with the classic stop thinking and just doing! Usually we take a gap of time between thinking of what we want to do, and actually doing it, to overanalyse the situation; this then leads us to not continue living our life but to stay trapped where we are.

Your life does not end when you lose a battle, or when you feel stuck. You have every opportunity to change that within yourself, you just don’t realize it. As cliché as it sounds: you only got one life, so live it.

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