How Global Support is Increasing

**Just a disclaimer, I realize that there are thousands of other horrible events that have happened around the world, but the ones mentioned are the ones that affect me the most. If you want to share any other world event that needs attention please leave it down below in the comments! We will be happy to learn and expand our knowledge, and help in any way we can! Thank you. **

On a global scale, we saw Donald Trump get inaugurated as President of the United States, and then a Women’s march, alongside many other groups that opposed Donald Trump.

More recently, we have seen Donald Trump put a ban on Syrian refugees (and Muslims from a total of 7 countries) from entering the United States. He has also signed an anti-abortion executive order and much more.  On Sunday that just passed, we saw a terrorist attack on a mosque in Quebec City that killed 6 people and injured 8 (number as of Monday morning after the shooting).

It has definitely has been a trying time for humanity, but these events definitely did not go unnoticed. In an instant people were protesting the ban of refugees at airports. Huge vigils and support from around the world flooded into the Quebec. There was a Women’s March and many sister marches around the world in solidarity. Quite honestly I think 2017 will be a record year for the number of protests across the world.

The silver lining in these tragic and incomprehensible events is how much stronger humanity has become. We have chosen to unite ourselves, rather than be divided by them. The energy and involvement of people have skyrocketed, and it is the people who are taking things into their hands and joining in movements of solidarity. Our world is no longer made up of countries who do not interfere with each other. On a government level that is still true, but in terms of the population, they have chosen to help in whatever way they can from around the world. The sister marches for the Women’s March in Washington DC were not just in the United States, but they were also around the world. We are moving into a time where the concept of community, is happening on a global scale.

If you need the world’s help, I hope you know that the world is slowly starting to help out more and more, and will defend and help you as much as they possibly can.



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