Top 3 Favourite Books

A person changes and so do your book choices, what I loved to read 5 years ago is definitely not what I enjoy reading now. If anything I’ve become more accepting of different types of genres of books. My top 3 favorite books are ones that have left a mark on me, and ones I will instantly reach for again without hesitation. I hope you will give these books and authors a chance!

The Paris Secret by Karen Swan

Summary: “A young art agent by the name of Flora is asked to handle a client in Paris. The client has discovered a Will left by an already passed away grandfather, leaving the family with an abandoned apartment filled with priced artifacts and paintings, which went missing after the Second World War. Thrown in with a confusing past, missing pieces of a large puzzle, a drizzle of romance and loyalty issues, this book has it all.”

I recommend this book to anyone who loves history, and anything to do with the World Wars. There were moments when nothing much was happening, but if you read carefully and pay attention to details you will slowly get caught up faster in the story than you thought you would. The back and forth and frustrations of the art world throughout the time of the World Wars comes into the much-needed light.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

Summary: “Craig is an extremely stressed overachiever, or at least that’s what he thinks he is. Until one night he has this thought about jumping over a bridge and checks himself into a hospital. Little does he know he is going to stay there for quite some time and meet people who will change his life.”

I would recommend this book to anyone who has dealt with mental health issues, or is curious about them or wants to learn how to understand someone they know that has them. I deal with anxiety, and as you will come to discover throughout the book, it is not easily shown nor is it even understood if you have it yourself. The characters are so flawed, that they make some of the most relatable people I know, regardless of them being a fictional character. I believe it is a book that everyone should read, mainly because people need to understand that mental health is important, and those that have troubles or issues with it should not need to hide it or be feared because of it.

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Summary: “Sydney has always grown up in the shadow of her older brother and she has reached a point where she has had enough. Deciding to be a bit rebellious, she needs to break free. In come the Chathams family, the complete opposite of her family. They are loud, caring, obnoxious, protective and always in each other’s business.  Throughout the book, all types of relationships will be tested and while she is trying to discover a more liberating side of herself, you find yourself on the journey of trying to discover yourself as well.”

People are very much on either side of the fence when it comes to Sarah Dessen novels. Many believe that it is pure sappy romance, and has no actual plot. But I beg to differ, Sarah Dessen explores relationships, not just romantic, but between families and friends and the complications that come with them, as well as benefits they could have. Sarah Dessen has never failed to capture the reader’s attention and emotions, with every new book that comes out I become more and more impressed. She opens a door to relationships and family issues that not many authors can do while making relatable characters and exposing young adults to a different way of seeing the world.

Feel free to leave your top 3 favorite books down below in the comments! I am always looking for a new read!

Thank you and have a Wonderful day!


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