Top 5 Motivational Quotes

They say that motivation needs to come from within. Which is true, but that little voice of motivation often gets clouded by fear, laziness, hurt, sadness, doubt and so much more. We often we can’t do something, and if that thought stays in our head, of course, we are not going to do it. This is why we need to turn to exterior sources of motivation. Similar to an “if all else fails” plan.

So here are my 5 top motivational quotes that make a difference for me. I really do encourage you to come up with, or find quotes that will inspire you, and get you motivated.

  1. “I Want To Live My Life So That I’ll Be Able To Read An In-Depth Biography About Myself In Later Years And Not Puke” – Paris Gellar (Gilmore Girls)
  2. “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” – Steve Jobs
  3. “Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game” – A Cinderella Story
  4. “She Believed She Could so She Did”
  5. “If we wait until we’re ready, Well be waiting for the rest of our lives.” – Lemony Snicket

I hope these brightened your day or motivated you to go do something. Quotes really do help you push out the negative thoughts in your brain that stop you from doing something.

If you have any quotes you would like to share with the world then please leave them down below!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


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