Top 3 Favourite Books

A person changes and so do your book choices, what I loved to read 5 years ago is definitely not what I enjoy reading now. If anything I’ve become more accepting of different types of genres of books. My top 3 favorite books are ones that have left a mark on me, and ones I will instantly reach for again without hesitation. I hope you will give these books and authors a chance!

The Paris Secret by Karen Swan

Summary: “A young art agent by the name of Flora is asked to handle a client in Paris. The client has discovered a Will left by an already passed away grandfather, leaving the family with an abandoned apartment filled with priced artifacts and paintings, which went missing after the Second World War. Thrown in with a confusing past, missing pieces of a large puzzle, a drizzle of romance and loyalty issues, this book has it all.”

I recommend this book to anyone who loves history, and anything to do with the World Wars. There were moments when nothing much was happening, but if you read carefully and pay attention to details you will slowly get caught up faster in the story than you thought you would. The back and forth and frustrations of the art world throughout the time of the World Wars comes into the much-needed light.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

Summary: “Craig is an extremely stressed overachiever, or at least that’s what he thinks he is. Until one night he has this thought about jumping over a bridge and checks himself into a hospital. Little does he know he is going to stay there for quite some time and meet people who will change his life.”

I would recommend this book to anyone who has dealt with mental health issues, or is curious about them or wants to learn how to understand someone they know that has them. I deal with anxiety, and as you will come to discover throughout the book, it is not easily shown nor is it even understood if you have it yourself. The characters are so flawed, that they make some of the most relatable people I know, regardless of them being a fictional character. I believe it is a book that everyone should read, mainly because people need to understand that mental health is important, and those that have troubles or issues with it should not need to hide it or be feared because of it.

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Summary: “Sydney has always grown up in the shadow of her older brother and she has reached a point where she has had enough. Deciding to be a bit rebellious, she needs to break free. In come the Chathams family, the complete opposite of her family. They are loud, caring, obnoxious, protective and always in each other’s business.  Throughout the book, all types of relationships will be tested and while she is trying to discover a more liberating side of herself, you find yourself on the journey of trying to discover yourself as well.”

People are very much on either side of the fence when it comes to Sarah Dessen novels. Many believe that it is pure sappy romance, and has no actual plot. But I beg to differ, Sarah Dessen explores relationships, not just romantic, but between families and friends and the complications that come with them, as well as benefits they could have. Sarah Dessen has never failed to capture the reader’s attention and emotions, with every new book that comes out I become more and more impressed. She opens a door to relationships and family issues that not many authors can do while making relatable characters and exposing young adults to a different way of seeing the world.

Feel free to leave your top 3 favorite books down below in the comments! I am always looking for a new read!

Thank you and have a Wonderful day!


Top 5 Motivational Quotes

They say that motivation needs to come from within. Which is true, but that little voice of motivation often gets clouded by fear, laziness, hurt, sadness, doubt and so much more. We often we can’t do something, and if that thought stays in our head, of course, we are not going to do it. This is why we need to turn to exterior sources of motivation. Similar to an “if all else fails” plan.

So here are my 5 top motivational quotes that make a difference for me. I really do encourage you to come up with, or find quotes that will inspire you, and get you motivated.

  1. “I Want To Live My Life So That I’ll Be Able To Read An In-Depth Biography About Myself In Later Years And Not Puke” – Paris Gellar (Gilmore Girls)
  2. “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” – Steve Jobs
  3. “Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game” – A Cinderella Story
  4. “She Believed She Could so She Did”
  5. “If we wait until we’re ready, Well be waiting for the rest of our lives.” – Lemony Snicket

I hope these brightened your day or motivated you to go do something. Quotes really do help you push out the negative thoughts in your brain that stop you from doing something.

If you have any quotes you would like to share with the world then please leave them down below!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!



Every person you see or encounter was once a child. They had dreams, hopes, and motivation to create the life they wanted for themselves.  As we all know, not all of us will reach the potential we have. But just because it isn’t reached by a certain age, or in a  certain time in our life, it doesn’t mean that we lose that potential. The potential that you had as a child, a teenager or any age really doesn’t just disappear into oblivion. What we tend to do is push it aside and pretend it’s gone.

We are often told that we can do anything we want in the world, which I agree with. But not many tell you how many times you will fail along the way, and instead of admitting that you failed and getting yourself back up, people claim that they lost their motivation and potential.

People fail for a number of reasons. What I mean by failure here is when you do not get back up when you have been knocked down. Being knocked down doesn’t necessarily mean you have failed at life, but it’s life testing you. See them as surprise tests that happen much more than we want them to, with no exact date or syllabus attached. When we fail these tests, life can sometimes be nice enough to give us some leeway, and this is when we need to examine what went wrong, to question everything around us and reorganize our lives so it doesn’t happen again. Those who truly achieve, in my opinion, are those who persevere through this point of questioning, which might be some of the hardest things you’ll have to do in your life.

I’ve been pushed to the ground, maybe not as harshly as others but I definitely have. And sometimes I did give up, but there was always this little voice at the back of my mind that said don’t give up prove them wrong. Well, that’s how I interpreted it, and that neither is a  good mentality to have. What you should be thinking is let me prove to the part of myself that said I couldn’t do it, that I actually could do it.

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, quite often you’ll run out of lemons and will somehow in the worst conditions learn how to grow a lemon tree. And if you can manage to do that, then you have not given up and for that I congratulate you.

You never lose the potential you once thought you had, it’s always there waiting to be found again.


Everything Happens for a Reason

We constantly have this idea that everything around us happens for a reason, or you could be on the other side of the fence and believe that we have total control over everything that happens to us.

If we look at one side, the idea that ‘everything happens for a reason’ does sound comforting, but only for a short amount of time. But it’s the long-term situation that poses an issue. When we say the expression ’everything happens for a reason’ we expect to one day find out that reason. What people tend to forget most, is that there are quite a lot of things that happen in the world that we can’t explain, because there is no reason tied to it. Things just happen, sometimes they are amazing, and other times they bring sadness, grief, or heartbreak. I am not dismissing the idea that everything happens for a reason because many things do happen for a reason. But there are some situations in life when people say that to comfort themselves or others, but in the long run, it hurts them even more. Life is half control and the other half is just chance.

Say you are applying for a job, it is in your control to fill out all the requirements, and do everything you could possibly need to qualify for the job. Once it is in the hands of the employer, the control is no longer there. This is when everything happens for a reason can come in, but be warned once again, reason does not come with a snap of your fingers. Life can always go multiple ways; you can either get the job, or not get the job and get a better one later on, or just not find a job at all. When we say everything happens for a reason, I think what we really mean is, I did everything I could to get what I wanted, but it just didn’t happen.

There is a more touchy side to this, one that I think every single person on this planet has experienced. Losing a loved one is a difficult situation, but for some reason, we say everything happens for a reason… ignoring the true matter of fact, that lives do end and that no one is eternal. We use it as a comforting statement because we think it is helping but actually, it isn’t. People search for this reason for decades even after their loved ones have passed away… why? Because it brings a sense of closure, but never an actual legitimate reason.

In a way, the expression everything happens for a reason brings this idea that you need to keep going no matter what. That if you get knocked down it happened for a reason, so you could learn to get back up. The expression can change depending on how you see it, and honestly, I would say to not disregard it entirely, but to take it with a grain of salt.